Wisdom Teeth Extraction

At our dental clinic, wisdom teeth extraction is a commonly performed oral surgery procedure and generally suggested to patients with age between 17 and 25. We often perform emergency wisdom teeth extraction for patients in need of quick pain relief.


Wisdom teeth pain can result from a wisdom tooth growing in sideways, crooked, or misaligned. The following symptoms are associated with wisdom tooth pain:

  • - Jaw stiffness
  • - Crowding due to shifting teeth
  • - Decaying of the tooth
  • - Gum disease
  • - Swollen gums
  • - Bad breath
  • - Trouble swallowing or chewing
  • - Trouble opening the mouth

To determine whether wisdom teeth extraction is a viable option for you, a dental consultation will be required to determine any oral health concerns that may influence your treatment.

We at Haysboro Dental Care offer sedation dentistry to ensure your wisdom teeth extraction experience is stress-free for patients who have dental anxiety. After your wisdom teeth extraction, we will prescribe pain medication and antibiotics to ensure a quick recovery. We will provide a wisdom tooth aftercare kit along with your wisdom tooth extraction aftercare instructions.

Average Recovery Time: The average recovery time for wisdom tooth extraction is a few days. Though complications can arise if you are drinking via a straw or smoking directly after your procedure.

Cost: Wisdom teeth extraction fees will be discussed with you during your dental consultation with our dentist at Haysboro Dental Care. There are many aspects that will determine your wisdom tooth extraction cost, such as the complexity of the case and whether extra procedures are needed to ensure a successful wisdom tooth removal.

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