Dental Implants

Dental Implant Cost

Dental implant prices will be discussed during your dental implant consultation with Dr. Chahal at Haysboro Dental Care. Please call (403) 252-7731 to schedule your dental implant consult today!

*PLEASE NOTE: Additional fees for CBCT / Digital Models / Guided Surgery / Grafting / Sinus Lifts / different prosthetic options depending upon the individual needs of the specific oral conditions.*
Dental Implant Cost

Not Included
Dental Crown $999 & Lab $649

  • Highest Grade Materials
  • Advanced Implant Technique
  • Years of Experience
  • Progressive Oral Surgery
  • Restore Teeth & Roots

About Dental Implants

Dental implants are the ideal treatment to blend your artificial teeth like natural ones. Fortunately, dental implants are the most durable, functional, and aesthetic tooth loss solution for patients.

Details of the dental implant procedure:
  • - Dental implants are done using a small titanium screw that fits into the jawbone precisely.
  • - Then the dental crown will be placed on the top of the screw.
  • - The procedure is similar to an oral surgery that can be finished in one appointment.

Haysboro Dental Care offers permanent teeth restoration along with dental implants that allow full-arch restoration for patients suffering from tooth loss.

Out of all dental implant stages, Osseointegration is the most crucial aspect. It’s the process that enables the screw to be installed in the jaw bone. Tooth implants restore the missing teeth along with the tooth roots that are essential to prevent bone loss and support the facial features as well.

Luckily, only 5% of dental implant cases have risks and complications such as smokers that have decreased jaw bone density. Still, our experienced dentists specialize in oral surgery and have years of experience and knowledge to deliver high-quality results.

You will receive the best treatment at Haysboro Dental Care and get the best possible results at an affordable price. The cost of an overall dental implant depends on the number of teeth, the type of implant, and any additional treatment. You can further discuss the price of dental care with Dr. Chahal during your consultation meeting.

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